Michiel Kort
Negative recovery

Archival duplication of negatives
We are experts in the field of conservation and restoration of photographic material. Part of these activities consist of duplicating and restoration of black and white photographic negatives.
As you know, many archives have to deal with the “vinegar syndrome”, so when your negative archive smells like vinegar, then you know your problem.
Much has been published about this problem; however one thing is clear: All cellulose acetate negatives will be affected. The solution is duplication on polyester material.
We not only recuperate deteriorated negatives we also make high quality duplicates of archival standard.
(Polyester has an estimated live expectancy of approximately 500 years.)

We make 2 kinds of duplicates: Direct duplicates 1:1 in contact and 35 mm duplicates through an interpositive in the camera using high resolution film and high resolution lenses.
Of course, both forms of duplication are executed on polyester film according to the current ISO- norms. This will guarantee the further existence of your negative collection.


Scanatron duplication printer
We also work on a “Scanatron” duplication printer. With this tool we can print duplicates from old glass-plate negative with an extremely high-density range in such a manner that the duplicates can be printed or scanned without any affort.
All the detail in the blacks and whites will become visible again and so “lost” information is retrieved.

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